Sweet drinks luring kids to disaster

A study revealed by Harvard School of Public health is really horrendous, which brings out the fact, after studying about 10 middle schools, that 71 per cent of the students buy sugar-sweetened beverages from their school vending machines.

In this regard, the study author avers:

The number of items youth purchases at school vending machines was directly associated with sugar-sweetened beverages and intake.

I firmly believe that this habit of school going children should be checked immediately, because the recent studies prove that excessive use of such sugar-sweetened beverages is harmful for both kids and youth as well. Whereas excessive uses of such beverages lessen bone density, it also results in obesity and many other such problems, which most of the world is coping with.

Parents as well as school authorities and teachers should put shoulder to the wheel to educate students about the bad implications of these sugar-sweetened beverages and should also encourage them to adopt healthy eating habits.

Immage credit: diabeteshealth

Via: yahoo

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