UK: Stem cell research in jeopardy!

Britain should be the world’s number one centre for genetic and stem cell research, these are the views of Gordon Brown and Sir John Pattison. However, these feelings seems still in the air since leading stem cell researchers in England have criticized UK government strongly for giving cold shoulder to their research work. Moreover, these scientists claim that they are not getting sufficient financial aid from UK government, which is leaving their stem cell research work impaired. I think, this very burning problem has provoked these researchers to express their fear that if UK government goes on treating stem cell research work coldly then all their efforts to come up with concrete findings may end in smoke.

Sir Richard Sykes, the chairman of the UK Stem Cell Foundation’s Board of Trustees have expressed his deep concern about stem cell research work by saying that he fears that stem cell research work may breathe its last within a year. If the accusation of these researchers is correct then I can dare say that government is doing a big mistake by giving cold shoulder to the stem cell research work. Actually, stem cells can be developed into all 200 types found in the body and can help fight serious health related problems such as Parkinson. Researchers even believe that if stem cell research work goes on smoothly without any hindrance, it can enable them rebuild tissues and organs. But, it is a pity that government is not providing this research work with adequate financial aid.

The deep concern expressed by the researchers clearly show the obfuscation of these researchers stirred up due to the cold treatment being paid to their stem cell research work. Personally, I believe that stem cell research work aims at the welfare of humankind and not only government but also other wealthy people, agencies should come forward to pay a helping hand to this noble cause. Moreover, I want to ask UK government that when it can spend money prodigally on wars in which thousands of innocent people have been decimated by now then why it is showing its reluctance in providing financial aid to the stem cell research work.

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Via: telegraph

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