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Spicy foods could possibly increase longevity


Chinese academy of medical sciences and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of public health studied the eating habits of about half a million people. Yes, you read that correctly, such a huge population was involved in the research.

Apart from spicy food, vegetable, red meat and alcohol intake was observed in the large group, keeping aside the people who had diabetes, cancer or any heart ailment.

After the seven years of research, it was found that the people who consumed spicy food at least once or twice a week lived longer. Death from diseases like respiratory, heart and cancer were reduced in people who consumed spicy food, especially chili peppers.

Health benefits of spicy food

As per a research, an individual’s metabolic activity gets a boost up to 8 times than normal after consuming a spicy dish. Practically it has been discovered that the people who ate a snack with a spicy sauce tend to consume a fewer calories than the ones who eat the snack with a non-spicy sauce.

Curcumin, an antioxidant found in turmeric, a yellow colored spice, has cancer-fighting abilities. Jalapenos, chili peppers contain a substance known as Capsaicin, which helps in the breakdown of bad cholesterol in the body. It also helps in enhancing the blood flow in the arteries and thus minimizing the risk of a heart attack.

The effects of capsaicin were studied in tumor prone species of mice. As a result, the tumors were reduced and the mice lived more. A research published in Food Research International claimed that ginseng (an herb) and saffron (a spice) increased sex performance in humans. Chilies are a good source of vitamin C and a few essential minerals. Vitamin C further has the ability to prevent cancer and heart ailments.

A few more healthy spices

Apart from chilies, turmeric and saffron, cinnamon is a healthy spice that you can get easily. Cinnamon not only has a great flavor it helps in regulating blood sugar and reduces cholesterol. Parsley is grown as a vegetable, herb and a spice. Perhaps you might have heard this before, it is known to reduce the bad cholesterol and facilitate the passage of kidney stones.

Spices have health benefits that we probably least expected. They aren’t just to add flavor or taste to your food, by including them in your food you may add years to your life.

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