Snacks for those on a weight loss diet

A lot of times, we find it easier to buy snacks from the vending machine that is full of junk. No matter how much of it you consume, you will start to feel hungry very soon and it then becomes even worse as you end up piling empty calories. Switch to healthy snacking and you will stay fuller, lose weight and remain energetic throughout the day. Here are some healthy snacking options that do not compromise on taste, provide a lot of nutrients in the bargain and are under 150 calories:

Dark Chocolate

15 grams of this delightful indulgence translates to 84 calories only. Furthermore, it is packed with antioxidants and helps alleviate PMS symptoms, heart disease, reduce cholesterol levels and enhance skin quality. In fact, it is the best snack for chocolate lovers.

Air popped popcorn

Consuming around four cups of air popped popcorn without butter or oil will give you 124 calories. Since this grain is unprocessed, it is laden with antioxidants. The only way to preserve its nutrients would be to air pop it without adding butter or oil, which increases its calorific content.

Hard boiled egg

Having one hard boiled egg gives you 6 grams of protein and translates to only 78 calories. You can hard boil a batch of six eggs and then eat them as a snack. Not only does it give you the required protein, it leaves you fuller and prevents overeating.

Passion fruit sorbet

If you have cravings for all things sweet, then make yourself an exotic Ciao Bella Ecuadorian Passion Fruit Sorbet. This fruity and flavorsome sorbet will give you the needed sugar without having you packing in unnecessary calories. You can experiment with various fruits by crushing them with ice to get a fine sorbet. But remember- no added sugar!

Roasted soy nuts

Another great snacking option would be to consume tofu and soy foods that contain isoflavones, which are like estrogens and help to protect the body from cancer. Soy is also a very good source of protein therefore this would be the ideal snacking option for vegetarians. For added benefit, opt for snacking on roasted soybeans.

Peanut butter and celery

Eating a celery stick topped with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter with some raisins gives you 122 calories. With this snack you are taking in protein, vitamin E and folate. No transfats are consumed here as you are only taking in the good fats. Celery is very filling and has a low calorific content.


Eating about twenty almonds equates to 120 calories. Almonds are a great source of magnesium, fiber, and vitamin E. It also leaves you feeling satiated for a long time. Almonds provide the healthy fats to your body and help improve your skin.

Greek yogurt

Make your own fruit yogurt by mixing in 1/3 cup of Greek Yogurt that is plain with 1/3 cup of blueberries. This gives you 95 calories. Greek Yogurt is full of vitamin D and calcium and contains much more protein than normal yogurt with a lower lactose level too. You can try mixing in a different fruit according to your preference. Seasonal fruits are the best choice.


Snacking is an equally important mini meal of the day and instead of reaching out for calorie-laden snacks or empty calories, it is important for us to snack on things that would help us in weight loss. Try to find out new and innovative ways of preparing easy and healthy snacks that would not leave you feeling guilty.

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