Sleep affects testosterone level in older men

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The level of testosterone, in older men, is deeply influenced by the hours they spend sleeping. Means, if they sleep less then their testosterone level droops down while adequate sleep containing minimum 8 hours ensures increased level of testosterone.

Researchers came up with this conclusion after monitoring the amount of nighttime sleep of 12 men, who were between the ages 64 to 74. After monitoring these older men researchers concluded that, the amount of sleep was an independent predictor of the men’s total and free testosterone levels in the morning. Throwing more light on these findings Dr. Platens Penev said:

The Results of the study raise the possibility that older men who obtain less actual sleep during the night have lower blood testosterone levels in the morning.

This finding brings out several important issues, because where inadequate sleep has been linked to several health disorders like depression, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Find out how inadequate sleep affects health:

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At the same time, lower level of testosterone has also been linked to several health problems like, low sex drive, obesity, diabetes, decreased energy, erectile dysfunction, etc. Moreover, lower level of testosterone, especially in the older age has been linked to problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Find out the effects of low testosterone level:

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In brief, it could be asserted that both, lower levels of testosterone as well as inadequate sleep are bad for health. Moreover, as these two are inter-related largely, therefore, in order to have healthy level of testosterone it is important to have adequate sleep.


Via: Earth Times

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