Simple tips for beautifully accentuated eyebrows

An eyebrow is one feature on a woman’s face that contributes a lot to her beauty. It can make one look good if it is in a good shape, and an uneven shape can destroy the looks. Women use various eyebrow enhancement techniques to look beautiful, and this procedure is nothing new but is ancient. Eyebrow enhancement was quite popular amongst ancient Egyptians, and it was 1920s when this beauty enhancement technique ushered in the Western culture. Since then, numerous eyebrow styles and shapes have become popular.

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Many women who do not have naturally good eyebrows go for eyebrow enhancement, which is good, but not every enhancement technique makes you look good. You have to stay away from styles that make you look fake, and make you commit some distasteful fashion blunders. Those eyebrow enhancements look good that are intended to accentuate eyes and nothing more than this. Things go wrong when women start expecting that the enhancement would give them new eyebrows altogether. No, they only accentuate the already present eyebrow and do not give a new one. Therefore, if you think you do not have those perfect looking eyebrows, and you crave to have well defined and polished brows, there are some tricks and tips to learn. If you are interested to accentuate your eyebrows then read further and find out what are the ways and tricks:

Arch Shaping

Arch Shaping

Arch is the most important aspect of an eyebrow, as it is something that gives perfect brows that are worth flaunting. Moreover, arch gives your face a flattering look. To give a flawless arch to a brow is not easy though, as it requires great deal of detailing. You need to know your face type and facial features well, as the arch largely depends upon these two features. Take into consideration your forehead, a low arch goes well on a face with a low forehead. High and a sharp arch are best for round faces. Arch position is another important factor you need to take into consideration.

Define the shape

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Once the proper shape of brow is achieved, you need to define it. For this, you can use some products available in the market. Defining eyebrows is important because it accentuates the shape and the arch that you give your eyebrows. You can use eyebrow pencil, powder, and other products that are known to give perfect definition and accentuate eyebrows in the best possible way. You need to be very careful about the usage of brow enhancing products, and use them in a way that makes you look good and natural, not fake. Overdo and over use of products make one look fake and ugly.

Pick products wisely

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You need to understand one thing that not all eyebrow productsare good and helpful. Some only make one look worse. Therefore, you have to be very cautious regarding what products you pick. The best way is to consult some renowned beautician, and never pick a product just because your friend also did. You take your choice, your face type, and your own desire into consideration and then choose a product. For instance, the eyebrow stencils, they suit some women, while for others they are sheer disasters.

Sustain your look

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You can experiment with eyebrow products initially, until you get the hang of the ones that suit you perfectly. It goes for the eyebrow shape also, you can experiment with one or two shapes but only initially, and once you get a shape that looks good on you, do not change. In case, you are not able to get the correct eyebrow shape, do not hesitate to consult a pro.


Brow enhancers play an essential role to accentuate our looks but only if they are used properly and in accordance to our face type and features.

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