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Seriously consider health tests before a marriage

Marriages carry with them many responsibilities. One needs to get over the past and work for many a lovely future. Wedding night marks the beginning of this soulful journey. Hence, a few sexual health checkups need to be kept in mind. They are:


Dump the past

If you do not have a good past or you have a broken heart, then forgetting it right before your marriage is the most important step. Unasked for experiences like rape, break ups, molestation can deter the growth of a glorious future with your spouse. Forget the people who used you physically and whom you still loved from the bottom of your heart. Taking guidance from a counselor is an important step as it can help you build a good and healthy future.


Discuss contraception

Contraception’s are necessary and need to be discussed before marriage. Many a times couples do not prefer to start a family and hence discussing the issue in details is important. Mutual agreement in using contraception is necessary if you have a busy work schedule or any of your partners is still into academics.

HIV test

HIV Test

HIV is a dangerous disease that can be transmitted through intercourse. Hence, it should be considered a compulsion to get the HIV test done before marriage. Many community churches or social organizations encourage and conduct such tests amongst couples ready for marriage. Not only does it avoids infecting your spouse, but also avoids the baby being infected. Moreover, while doing HIV many other Sexually transmitted diseases can also be examined, like the Chlamydia or the gonorrhea.


Examining Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B & C cause serious threats to our health. It is a common global problem and needs awareness. This problem is found majorly amongst Africans. A transmittable disease, it can be transferred through infected injections, intercourse, blood transfusions and during pregnancy. This health problem can convert cancerous causing liver cancer. Moreover, if your spouse is diagnosed by Hepatitis then you can take vaccinations for the disease. This can avoid the problem to be transmitted into by 80%.


Examining health problems related to women

Many communities indulge into practices like Female Genital Mutilation, which is a major source of sexual issues. This practice includes the slaying off of genital parts of females at a young age of 8 to avoid any casual sexual relation during their teens. This practice causes after effects like bleeding and infections and can cause issues when the girl has grown up and wishes to conceive after marriage.


Ensuring good health is a great way to ensuring a healthy marriage. Do not forget the health aspect while looking at the romantic prospect. These tests once done can lead you through a happy and healthy married life.

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