Salt a serious health hazard: WHO report

Right from school, everyone is taught the uses of salt or idione for us. A dish without salt sounds tasteless. And salt is an essential part of our diet. But, recently World Health Organization has come up with a report that warns from over use of salt in daily diets.

The WHO report springs from an October 2006 meeting in Paris convened as part of the implementation of the WHO’s Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. The report says that physicians and scientists around the world agree that excessive sodium is one of the greatest health threats in foods. It also recommended better labeling of sodium content on processed foods, more consumer education, and finding other ways of providing iodine in the diet besides fortifying table salt. salt a danger 246Reduced salt consumption will amount to low blood pressure, in turn preventing heart disease, stroke, and other serious health problems. The report urges governments around the world to reduce average sodium consumption to 2,000 milligrams per day.

The report even suggested some stern actions to be taken, for example, making stringent regulations on the dietary level. It stated that

if the agreed goals are not met in a timely way, regulatory approaches should be initiated and enforced. This point may have already been reached in countries where for years voluntary approaches have proved ineffective.

For example, the United Kingdom, where the Food Standards Agency mounted a vigorous campaign urging Britons to reduce salt levels in their diets. And the study shows that Britons very much paid heed to the warning signals and started consuming an average of five percent less salt than they were in 2001.

No doubt salt over the ages has become an essential part of our diets and therefore, nations have shown reluctance in paying heed to such a danger that excessive salt consumption can post. And that is why salt has been generally recognized as safe by them. But, the recent study sends warning signals around the globe. But Britain has shown the way to everyone. Every country can follow the way that the United Kingdom has shown and do much better.


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