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The right food is the right way to healthy and strong bones

Healthy bones are the most essential component of a strong and healthy body as they protect us from any external injuries and determine the posture of the body. Bones develop and alter as per age, size and intake of food. The right intake of nutrients helps build stronger bones. Bones comprise of 99% calcium, which should not be neglected in our everyday food intake. Calcium can be had in our daily diet if vegetables and fruits are included in it. Following food items are rich sources of calcium:



Rich in proteins and calcium, soy is a great source for healthy and strong bones. A human body needs 1000mg calcium every day. On an average 1 cup of soya bean contains 250gms of calcium in addition to magnesium. Hence having a cup of soy can surely help you gain the right quantity of calcium.



Dairy products contain rich quantities of calcium. However, not many like milk, cheese or curd. Hence green leafy vegetables like spinach can be considered as an alternative. Spinach not only contains calcium but also has good proportions of Vitamin A and Iron. Get stronger bones and healthier growth of blood too.



Vitamin D too is also an important nutrient for strong bones. Eggs comprise a good quantity of vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D deficiency leads to osteoporosis and rickets (weakening of bones). The egg yolk is rich in Vitamin D while the egg white is good in calcium. Hence, eggs are a multi-source for nutrients necessary for healthy bones. Introducing them in your breakfast can help you get the right amount of vitamins and calcium.


Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish, especially Salmon is the most important source of Vitamin E and calcium. However, many people consider sardines and tuna rather than salmon because of its high cost and less accessibility. Generally, 4 0z servings of this fatty fish comprise of calcium up to 250mg. Hence, salmon can be an important part of the everyday diet.



Bananas are the most commonly and easily found fruit that is surprisingly high in calcium and potassium. Moreover, they are cheap and liked by many. A medium size banana is equal to half the required intake of calcium. Hence two bananas a day can keep your bones perfectly fit and fine. Moreover, bananas comprise of fiber hence help the immunity of the body too.


The right proportion of calcium in our daily intake can help us gain strong and healthy bones. Bones decide the shape and posture of the body and hence are essential.

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