Renal failure diet

Renal failure is a condition where a person’s kidneys stop functioning properly. Kidneys are given the task to excrete toxins from body. In case of renal failure, kidneys are not able to excrete toxins from the body which results in body swelling and inappropriate functioning of heart and lungs.

Individual suffering from renal failure must not consume excessive water. Fluid needs to be eliminated from the body but if the kidneys fail in doing so then the condition can get severe and even result in death. In order to prevent such a loss, patient should consider Renal Failure Diet.

Renal Failure Diet – Explained

  • Sodium must be eliminated from your diet in order to reduce pressure on kidneys. Stop consuming cheese, cured meat products, beef, sausages, bacon, soy, Chinese dishes and pickle.
  • Restrict yourself from consuming canned food items such as shellfish, processed meat, veggies and meat.
  • Consume low sodium foods such as fish and unprocessed meat. Don’t go for processed veggies and fruits.
  • Consume homemade soups. Don’t go for cakes, cheese or biscuits which include preservatives. Most of the desserts include baking powder. It has high amount of sodium which needs to be eliminated from your diet.
  • Dieters can go for butter and other salt free foods.
  • Renal failure patients should reduce consumption of ice creams, coups, tea, milk, coffee and soda. It will help the patient from avoiding high blood pressure, swelling, excess fluid presence and breathlessness.

Renal failure patients are often recommended to start dialysis procedure. In this condition, you must modify your Renal Failure Diet slightly.

  • Don’t stop consuming salty foods but reduce them majorly. Potassium, phosphorus, electrolytes and salty products must not be consumed in abundance.
  • Renal failure patients should eat more proteins if they are guided to have dialysis regularly.
  • Patients are advised to consume plenty of veggies and fruits. They have little amount of potassium which is suitable for the patients. Grapes, cucumber, beans, plums, blackberries, summer squash and asparagus are excellent to consume in Renal Failure Diet.

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