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Recovering from Suicidal Tendencies in Wyoming

Suicidal Tendencies in Wyoming

It’s hard to know why people attempt committing suicide. People will share parts of their life stories with friends and families, but does the truth come out? Perhaps not. To be on the verge of suicide certainly requires one to be in a low mental state, and what comes from the attempt can have massive consequences.

suicidal thoughtsThe fact remains is that suicide is a nationwide issue and that must change. Exactly how this should be done is debatable, though. A variety of options are available, such as increased family support, religious services, or medical facilities dedicated to helping people with suicidal thoughts.

Depending on people’s beliefs, one option may be better than the other, meaning that results will differ depending on the type of person someone may be. Either way, it would be best for someone to do what works best for themselves.

Just how bad is the suicide in Wyoming?

Alaska has one of the highest rates of suicide in the country. Some the reasons might seem clear: feelings of isolation and loneliness experienced by the people who live there. Being both the biggest state in the country and the least-densely populated, that means many Alaskans living outside of a city don’t get many chances to interact with other people.

A study conducted by Brigham Young University showed that loneliness adds to the risk of death by 26 percent. In the same Time report on this study, it is mentioned that isolation was found to be worse on your health than just feeling lonely, respectively increasing risk by 29 and 32 percent.

Now, what does this mean for the people who live in Wyoming? Well, for one thing, its population size is similar to that of Alaska. In fact, Wyoming is the least populous state in the United States. The population density may be marginally lower than that of Alaska but considering that Wyoming is ranked 49th out of 50 in that very thing, the differences don’t really matter.

What does matter is chances are that those negative emotions can lead to thoughts of suicide.

Either way, in a recent study reported by CBS News, the 20 states with the highest suicide rates were measured and ranked. Wyoming came as #4 on the overall ranking, with an annual average of 19.3 deaths per 100,000 people. For the sake of this argument, though, that figure will be rounded up to 20 instead of 19.3. Knowing this, once thestate’s entire population figure of 573,720 people is factored in, then this means that close to 110 people kill themselves in Wyoming each year. That is, this would be the case according to the average rate of suicides there.

The loss of one singular person is horribly devastating but even so, it is quite upsetting to know Wyoming’s current yearly suicide rate when compared with their population number. A single death can spell out terrible pain for a family, loved ones, and an entire community. This doesn’t just mean pain of an emotional kind; financial, political, and social trouble can be felt by many people as a result of just one suicide.

As such, something must be done if the awful suicide rate in Wyoming is to be reduced. And thankfully, something can be done.

Wyoming rehab centers

 rehabFor those who are looking for a more medical approach to tackling suicide, whether it’s for themselves or someone else, Wyoming offers services to those who are in need. On the specific page of the Wyoming Department of Health’s website regarding mental health, they mention that “[they oversee] programs and grants for communities to provide outpatient and regional mental health… treatment services and supports, including court supervised treatment programs, that are accessible, affordable and provided in the least restrictive and most appropriate environment.”

In this, no one should feel as if they are left out of opportunities to receive rehab for any suicidal tendencies they may be suffering from. Wyoming rehab centers are available in each of the state’s 23 counties. However, these counties are very large, so it may be more difficult for some people to reach these centers.

If making the trip to one of these centers is not possible, there are other ways to get help. Many options are available for those who would rather to get help over the phone or an online chatroom.

Do whatever it takes

If using one of those options is not what you had in mind, then do whatever you feel is best for your own situation. What matters most is that the issue is dealt with in a manner that works for you.

Good luck in your search for healing. Even if none of this applies to you or whoever you may be trying to help, you have a tough journey ahead. But with the right amount of faith, courage, and diligence to achieving the goals you set, things will most certainly change. Nobody said that addiction recovery would be easy (or short), after all, but it is worth it.

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