Reasons why natural remedies are so efficient in cases of kidney stones

Natural treatments are not something new, but in the recent times, the interest in these treatments is growing fast. Among all these treatments, the ones focused on kidney stones are probably among the most used.

In case you are dealing with kidney stones, don’t waste your time and find a way to ease the pain and dissolve these stones in a natural way. Thanks to modern technology, many of the kidney remedies from the past have now been analyzed and tested which means that many of them are clinically proven. Although the first advice of doctors in cases of kidney stones is to drink more water, the fact is that there are more efficient natural remedies.

What’s the science behind natural remedies for kidney stones?

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The vast majority of doctors advise elimination of these stones with two simple tools – water and time. But, the latest studies have confirmed that waiting for these stones for a long time can lead to even more serious damage and unwanted, intense emotional pain and stress. Now let’s see what makes natural remedies so efficient.

To start with, the diet you are following usually doesn’t have strong effects on the formation and expansion of kidney stones. However, what you consume in the form of a drink is usually directly related to the formation of kidney stones. Regardless of the direct cause of this problem, more than 90% of these stones can be broken down and passed through the systems without pain.

Kidney stones can be broken down because they are typically made of calcium. This is a brittle mineral when it is accumulated quickly. This means that it is nothing similar to our bones. Due to the fact that kidney stones are created slowly, they can be broken down quickly with ordinary natural acidic remedies.

For example, phosphoric acid is often used in situations like this. This acid is a very efficient compound to treat kidney stones.

Examples of natural kidney stone remedies

drinking water

Since the majority of kidney stones are able to pass with water, you should definitely consume more water. According to some experts, drinking about half of your body weight converted in ounces every day should be enough. To put it simply, in case you weigh 150 lbs, you should consume about 75 ounces of water a day.

Next, you should try exercising to create more sweat. You don’t need to exercise intensively. A 30-minute exercise should do the job. Don’t forget to try the jump and bump exercise which has proven to be effective for kidney stones.

Obviously, you must take good care of your diet too. When your body is dealing with kidney stones, it needs more water soluble fiber and fruits and veggies are a rich source of fiber. Try to consume between 4 and 7 pieces of veggies and fruits a day. Asparagus is one of the best solutions for water soluble fiber you have. Another good example is the use of virgin olive oil mixed with lemon juice. Just take three ounces of lemon juice and the same amount of virgin olive oil, mix them well and drink the remedy. Don’t forget to drink at least 6 glasses of water (or more if possible) in the next week.

Getting rid of kidney stones is not difficult with the right natural remedies, provided that you don’t believe much in myths surrounding kidney stone.

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