Raw food diet

raw food diet consists of uncooked, unprocessed plant food. The
fundamental principle is that unprocessed plant foods provide more
nutrients than food that has been cooked. This
is a very popular diet as many state that it leads to a leaner body,
clearer skin, and higher energy levels. However keep in mind that
this is a lifestyle choice. It should not be considered in any way a
weight loss plan.

it's not easy to stick to a raw food diet. If you like to spend a lot
of time in the kitchen you can do this. The raw food diet implies a
lot of peeling, chopping, blending, dehydrating. That's because the
diet is typically made up of 75% fruits and vegetables.

That's not
all ! Most raw foodies are vegans as this diet prohibits meat, fish
and most diary products.
Are you ready to say goodbye to meat,
alcohol, sweets and caffeine ?


benefits of the raw food diet have been acknowledged in many studies.
Researchers claim that diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes,
oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, bladder, esophageal and gastric cancers
can be prevented by eating raw.

of precaution

are certain measures of precaution when adopting this diet as a
lifestyle eating pattern.

raw food diet is rich in nutrients and it's full of fibers, but
eating raw can cause: B12, calcium, iron and omega-3 fatty acids

is because these vitamins and minerals can be found naturally only in
animal products and they are critical to nerve and red blood cell

can lead to anemia, neurological impairment and low bone mass in the
lumbar spine. Taking supplements is highly advised !

Dietetic Association guidelines for raw foodies:

order to maintain the nutritious levels for our bodies to work at
full speed, here are some guidelines from the ADA addressed to those
that eat raw food.

  • Eat twice the iron dosage as those you
    don't follow this diet.  Good sources of iron: tofu, legumes, almonds
    and cashews.
  • Eat at least eight servings a day of
    calcium-rich foods like cabbage, soybeans and figs.
  • Eat fortified breakfast cereals,
    nutritional yeast and fortified soy milk for B12. Take a B12
    supplement too.

  • Eat flax seed and walnuts. Use canola,
    flax seed, walnut, and soybean oil. These are great sources of
    omega-3 fatty acids.

that the raw diet isn't for everyone. The ADA does not recommend a
raw food diet for infants and children. If you are determined to give
up meat and diary and have plenty of time to cook, then the raw diet
lifestyle can help you feel energetic and have a leaner body in just
a few weeks.

The success of this diet is probably due to the fact
that nature always provides, from the beginning of time, what our
bodies need to function properly.

if you think you are up for the raw diet plan, go for it !

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