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Sight is our most precious sense. A large part of our ability to perceive the world around us depends on it. However, our eyes are very delicate organs and can be damaged easily. We go to the gym, take care of our skin and drink gallons of water all in the name of good health. But what do we do to protect our eyes?

Nature has supplied some built-in protection by locating them within a bony cavity and providing eyelashes to keep out dust and tears to wash dirt away. But, it takes much more than that to protect our eyes from hazards at work and during recreational activities.

The most common hazards to the eyes are dust, flying particles from drilling, cutting, digging and other similar operations, ultraviolet radiation from welding and electrical work, side effects from medicines and aging.

Eyes are in a constant state of degeneration. The rate at which it takes place is dependent upon the amount of nutrients the body has to fight the degeneration. In our younger years there is usually enough basic nutrients in the body to keep the rate of degeneration quite slow, but, as the years progress not only is the intake of nutrient reduced, but also the absorption of these nutrients in the body is greatly reduced by less effective digestive systems and lack of essential enzymes.

The solution lies in protecting the eyes from physical damage while at the same time nourishing them constantly with required nutrients. Use eye lube as eyes get drier with age and also due to long exposure to the computer. Have regular eye check ups and use sunglasses which have 100 percent UV protection.

As per studies the key nutrients that nourish the eyes are Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Bilberry Extract, N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Carnosine, Beta Carotene plus trace elements such as Molybdenum, various Vitamins and a host of other Co-Factors such as Enzymes to ensure bio-availability.

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