Preparing Yourself Mentally and Physically for Childbirth

Bringing a child into this world is a monumental task for women, and there’s more information than ever about this natural process. As a first-time mother, it’s critical to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the rigors of childbirth. Explore the world of childbirth so that you can be ready for any challenges as your baby arrives in the world.

Continue With Daily Exercise

Pregnant Woman Doing Workout

As any doctor will tell you, including Doctor Max Izbicki, exercise is a critical part to any pregnant woman’s life. Discuss specific workouts with your doctor so that you’re improving your health rather than straining the body. Most women can perform cardiovascular exercises well into their third trimester. Although you may need to alter some movements, keeping your body stimulated with exercise will only make the childbirth process easier. A strong body leads to longevity during labor that can last for many hours.

Focus on Kegels

An exercise that’s particularly helpful for childbirth is Kegels. These womanly exercises require you to contract and relax your pelvic-floor muscles. It may take some practice to work these muscles, but they’re worth the effort. You’ll need these muscles to swiftly move the baby down the birth canal. Afterward, the pelvic muscles become stronger so that you can avoid any incontinence that’s often associated with giving birth. Perform Kegels several times a day both during and after the pregnancy to see a difference in your pelvic strength.

Consider Breathing Techniques

Most doctors, such as Max Izbicki, suggest breathing techniques during labor. Ideally, you want to avoid taking any drugs for a more natural childbirth. Prepare yourself for labor by taking part in a class. These breathing techniques simply need to be practiced. You’ll learn about rhythms and breathing volumes based on the labor’s progress. Go to the class with your partner so that childbirth is a team effort. Breathing reduces stress and pain as the child emerges into this world with almost no medications involved in the process.

Practice Several Scenarios

ready for Childbirth

There are dozens of situations that can occur during childbirth. Discuss specific scenarios with your doctor that might pertain to your situation. Act out these scenarios before the big day. Practice a drive from the house to the hospital, or choose a commute between work and the hospital. Ask about IV drips and other medical situations that might arise. If a Caesarean is a possibility, be aware of the procedure and recovery times. Researching the possibilities surrounding your pregnancy will only help you prepare for every scenario.

Discuss Childbirth Locations

You may be physically ready for childbirth, but you don’t want to deliver the child in a hospital setting. Another preparation step is merely choosing a childbirth location. Some women want to deliver at home, in water or at another preselected location. Your doctor must be made aware of this decision so that any arrangements can be made prior to the delivery date. You’ll reduce your stress levels when the labor location is within your comfort zone.

It may seem like there are a lot of doctor’s appointments during your pregnancy, but each one serves an important purpose. Attend each appointment and follow the given instructions. From prenatal pills to genetic tests, these appointments will only improve your child’s health as he or she develops into a strong baby.

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