Premature births are rising with alarming rate in Europe

Europe is facing a shocking increase of premature birth rate. Experts believe that women’s way of living life can be a cause of it. Researchers find difficult to search the basic cause but obesity, smoking and social class can be the partial cause.

The number of premature babies of before 37 weeks has gone to 4,275 in 2004 from 3,809 in 1976. This is happening even when the total birth rate is declining. One in every 12 births is now premature in Scotland, the greatest in Europe. The premature deliveries are increased by 22 per cent between 1995 and 2004.

Child can face behavioral as well as educational problem at the age of 7 even if he or she had 32 weeks’ conception. The UK government was funding £6 million per year for research work to prevent such births.

The developed medicinal care is another reason of the rise in premature births. It can be said that premature babies are getting life now that would have died 20 years ago.


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