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Oxytocin hormone

Human body represents numerous systems which are interconnected and work together in a perfect harmony. Like any other system, if even the smallest screw is moved, everything can get out of balance and stop working. Many processes in our body are regulated by work of hormones. They have enormous effect on our metabolism, reproduction, mental processes, and many other. In that sense, oxytocin hormone represents one of the most important parts of our body, responsible for bonding, reproduction and social interaction.

Oxytocin belongs to the group of neurohypophysial hormones which are part of mammal organisms. It has function of neuromodulator in the brain where it is stored. It is created in hypothalamus and secreted by posterior pituitary gland. This hormone regulates following: different issues which might arise during the communication, most importantly fear of communicating with unknown people, it regulates different fear and related feelings such as anxiety, paranoia, obsessing, and depression in general, sleep improvement, stress reduction, it maintain positive feeling during the day, it improves the bonds with your family and co-workers, and helps you with intimacy and orgasm.

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Besides all of this, oxytocin hormone is important for group behavior. Research has shown that people with high level of oxytocin can integrate into a group much easier. Same rules for individual and group communication persist: oxytocin is important for bonding and we will much easier start relationship with individuals and group of people that have similar interests such as ours. At the same time, oxytocin serves as a unique red flag within our body. It warns us about people that we shouldn’t trust and it regulates our fear.

Like any other hormone or part of our body, it is necessary to regulate it in our system so it could work on a normal level. If the hormonal level drops below what is expected, it is necessary for us to replenish it either with oxytocin nasal spray or oxytocin sublingual drops. Furthermore, oxytocin can be used to support labor, especially in case of difficult parturition. There have been positive results when oxytocin was used to treat depression or other types of mental diseases. The positive feeling which release of hormone produces in our body can be just the thing which can take people out melancholic behavior.

Unfortunately, when we use oxytocin hormone in a form of medicine, similarly to any other chemically produced substance, there can be certain side effects which we might need to face. Luckily, in most cases, the side effects are very rare. Certain problems were reported when oxytocin hormone was used during labor such as nausea and vomiting, pelvic hematoma, afibrinogenemia, anaphylaxis, cardiac arrhythmia, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, subarachnoid hemorrhage, impaired uterine blood flow. In case that you wish to use oxytocin nasal spray or oxytocin sublingual drops; it is best if you consult with doctor before using them. Given your age, weight and condition, your doctor might prescribe you just the precise dosage which will help you to avoid all possible side effects. By regulating oxytocin, you will be able to have healthier life.


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