Other important patient rights



A physician needs to ensure that if they are off the patient case, that the patient is referred to another treating doctor for care. They should be there for the patient until the patient no longer requires medical services. When planning on withdrawing care from the patient, there should be another doctor available to take on the care of the patient.

Leaving against medical advice

Although physicians might not be too happy with this choice, and it could affect your overall course of treatments—patients are allowed to leave the hospital against medical advice. Patients have the right to refuse treatment from the physician and the facility, as no one can enforce treatment on you, despite how much you need it. Along with this, the patient is required to sign a consent from that clearly states their desire to leave the facility and go against their physician’s recommendation. However, as a patient you need to be wary of leaving against medical advice as your healthcare provider knows best what is necessary in your condition, and going against their advice could put you in a vulnerable position. Leave only if you have an alternative option intact, and you are sure that leaving the facility will not harm your health. However, the point we are trying to make here is that you own the right to make a decision to leave the hospital against medical advice.

Cost explanations

A stay at in the hospital can add up to a very costly bill at the end of the treatment. Therefore, all patients have the right to have a full explanation for the bill of medical expenses they are paying for. There should be a cost-breakdown on the bill or if not, a representative who can explain this to you in a language you understand.


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