Onion and Garlic: Weapons to fight cancer!

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If you avoid eating onion and garlic just to keep your breath fresh then you can do that by chewing mint gum but you should not leave eating onion and garlic because a new study has come up with a fact that people who add sufficient onion and garlic to their diet, are comparatively less prone to any type of cancer.

To come up with more firm evidences, researchers studied data of several Italian and Swiss cancer studies and tried to pull out relation of onion and garlic consumption with various types of cancer.

I think this finding gives us a reason to consume more and more onion and garlic. However, this finding is not as new as it appears to be because in Ayurveda too, the characteristics of onion and garlic has highly been praised and in countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka onion and garlic are used as main ingredients of food, which I think is a good thing.

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Via: webmd

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