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People think of those that are considered healthy as the ones with the great abs or bulging muscles. While physical health is an area of your well-being that you should focus on, it is far […]


The global wearable device market is expected to hit over $122 billion in the next five years and that’s a conservative estimate. The potential health benefits are staggering. As the technology becomes more advanced, it


The start of a new year is a popular time to promise to make changes in your life, whether that’s better health and wellbeing, achieving a lifelong dream, or improving in some area that’s important

Get Started On Improving Your Health

If you have a loved one struggling with an addiction who has openly admitted to having a problem and needing help, you may be prepared to do anything you can to help this person. Because


It would be quite unusual to think or plan about the death. However, dying a good death can always be beneficial for ourselves and even for those whom we love. While preparing for death, everyone

Dying A Good Death

Boyd’s Coffee is one of the most well-known coffee brands in the Pacific Northwest, and has long been a favorite in cities like Seattle and Portland. But have you ever wondered how your daily cup

Boyd’s Coffee

Ever wondered what happens if you fail a drug test? There are often dire results of failing a drug test especially if you are employed at a reputable company. You could lose your job forever,

hair follicle drug test

The five stages of grief can often accompany a sports injury. At first, you shake it off as no big deal. Then you get angry that you’re not able to play any longer, which sees

Rebound From A Sports Injury

Our bodies have this amazing ability to produce endorphins to reduce and relieve pain. But, sometimes, things can be a little discomforting which is why we resort to use medications. Medication is useful for millions

sudden shot of pain

The level of health an individual attains will play a central role in determining life outcomes such as longevity, productivity at work, self-esteem, and the quality of social interactions. As such, people who want to

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