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A Health Guide on Dying A Good Death

Dying A Good Death

It would be quite unusual to think or plan about the death. However, dying a good death can always be beneficial for ourselves and even for those whom we love. While preparing for death, everyone would probably wish to die peacefully and in a comfortable manner, surrounded by loved ones and family.

Accordingly, a recent study published in the journal of geriatric psychiatry, experts have clarified how a journey from life towards death can be smoothened by incorporating below mentioned core themes:


  • Awareness about the time and complete acceptance
  • Open communication with your loved ones
  • A sense of completion and freedom of responsibility while dying
  • Active participationat the end of life process
  • Care encompassing the whole person

While planning for a good death is always a daunting and quite discouraging process, it is quite essential to understand and ensure that your views about dying a good death are considered and implemented.

Death control

In general, people don’t like to discuss death. However, letting your loved one know your plans about dying a good death can simplify the process of good death. This can be achieved by a conversation with them or writing down the qualities of good death.

Dying a pain-free death

Dying has so far been considered beinga very painful and weird journey. There are many instances wherein patients themselves opt for pain medication or removal of life support system to get a smooth, pain-free death. For many of us, dying a good death meaning complete pain-free death before going into forever peace.

Spiritual and religious engagement

Spiritual and religious engagementFaith or some type of sense of spirituality can be helpful in encouraging a positive outlook for dying a good death. Moreover, religion can also help you overcome the uncertainties of the afterlife. We always plan for an arrival of new life, but don’t ever dare to plan for our death. The more we accept the fact that everyone has to die one day, the easier it would be to decide and plan for a good death.

You need not plan for your death on your own. By accepting the spiritual engagement, it is always advisable to talk to a priest or chaplain to get an idea of planning, accepting, and understanding the spiritual side of death.

Emotional well-being

thinking about death

It is quite obvious to be in constant emotional turbulence when thinking about death. People are always afraid of death. But,understanding what a good death psychology is important for dying a good death. Many of us are afraid of dying alone, or dying a painful death, or may be worried about the well-being of your loved ones after death, and much more. Thus, trying to figure out what would hurt you more while dying and planning accordingly can be helpful in managing it. Similarly, you can share your fear with your loved ones or healthcare providers, so that they can help you to cope up with the issues.

Preparing a living will

Many people are confused with a living will as the will mention the distribution of their material belongings. A living will is a document, wherein you can state your wishes about which treatment you would like to undergo and what type of care you need in case of a bed rest, etc. These listings can be helpful for you in dying a good death, especially during a crucial period wherein you are not able to express your feelings through speech. Experts refer to the idea of preparing for a living will as an advanced care planning.

Keep your memories alive

Keep your memories alive

It is important for your loved ones and family to keep your memories alive even after death. Perhaps you may want your children to know about your past life, or how you prefer your children to be in their lives, etc. It can be anything you wish to say to your loved ones, family, friends, business partner, etc.

Experts have proposed another idea to keep your memories alive by making a memory book or box of memories. A book can have a collection of different photographs, messages, videos, pictures, cards, etc. that can trigger happy memories of you within your family.

Seeking meaning

Almost every one of us lives life with some meaning. When we are on our way todying a good death, we may try to figure out what had been the purpose of our living! It would be better to review an entire life and try to recall about your contribution towards society –your efforts to make this world a better place to live, your preferences that you wish should be remembered by your loved ones and family, etc.

Engaging with the idea of death

connect more towards God and be happy

It is quite apparent that certainty is always being preferred by many people. It is a common tendency to utilize the time period to the fullest, especially when the time period is usually specified.

It would, in that case, be better to engage yourself with your death. For dying a good death, acceptance is the key. You need to connect more towards God and be happy about it. By being engaged with God, you can always be connected with your afterlife to lead you a very comfortable journey.

What is my legacy?

It is advisable to plan about your death, especially when you are fit and healthy. From making a living will to plan the way your funeral has to be – everything defines your legacy and how would you prefer to be remembered by other people. Speaking to the priest or a funeral director about your plans can put your mind at rest and also offer some guidance on how to implement it.

In this regard, some of the key prompts are:

  • Acknowledge the contribution of important people in your life.
  • Remember and cherish some of the treasured moments in your life.
  • Apologize to those who have been hurt by you.
  • Forgive those who have hurt you.
  • Don’t forget to express your gratitude for all the love, care,and help that has been offered to you.
  • Don’t forget to let your loved ones know how much you love and care for them.
  • Take a deep breath and accept the partition wholeheartedly.

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