How to Get Started On Improving Your Health

The start of a new year is a popular time to promise to make changes in your life, whether that’s better health and wellbeing, achieving a lifelong dream, or improving in some area that’s important to you. Whatever aspect of your life you feel needs improvement, the fundamental truth is that the basic requirement for any goal fulfillment is good health. Without good health, everything else is harder to achieve, and if you don’t look after yourself, you may not even be around long enough to appreciate what you do manage to achieve.

fitness Having realized this truth, it makes sense to prioritize your health and wellbeing when thinking about how to change your life. You probably already know what you should be doing to increase your fitness and make yourself stronger, such as more exercise, eating a better diet, cutting out bad habits and reducing stress.

However, there’s a difference between knowing about these essential concepts and acting on them. If you’re dissatisfied enough with your lifestyle to want to change, then presumably there’s something holding you back that needs to be addressed before you can achieve better health and happiness. The challenge you face is in examining each of these requirements for good health, and the reasons why you haven’t been able to fully embrace them until now.



Lack of finance is often used as a reason for being unable to change. However, there are numerous arguments against the money excuse:

  1. “I can’t afford to get fit.” You don’t need to pay for expensive gym membership to get fit. In fact, all you need is some decent, supportive footwear and a place to walk or run, and you can start improving your fitness levels.
  2. “I can’t afford healthy food.” You don’t need to be buying exotic vegetables and expensive cuts of meat to improve your diet. Basing your meals around complex carbohydrates like rice and pasta is one of the cheapest ways to eat, adding protein sources and fresh fruits and vegetables to balance the meal. Home cooked food is always cheaper than take-outs anyway, so if you can afford a burger, you can afford a proper home-cooked meal.
  3. “I don’t have time for exercising, or cooking, or relaxing.” If that’s genuinely true, then you need to look at your lifestyle and figure out why you have no time, because if every minute of your day is truly accounted for, you’re overdoing it and could be heading for physical and mental health problems down the road.
  4. “I don’t want to spend what little spare time I have exercising or cooking, or meditating.” You can benefit from a mere ten minutes mindfulness a day, and you can do it anywhere as long as it’s safe. If you don’t want to go for a run at the end of the day, try using an under-desk exercise while you work. Get your partner or kids involved in cooking meals, so you get to spend time together. Many dishes take very little time to make, for instance, a stir fry made with fresh vegetables and chicken strips will only take a few minutes to prepare and cook.
  5. “I don’t have enough energy to exercise.” Doing more exercise will boost your energy levels if you follow a regular, gradual fitness improvement plan.

The excuses people use are just that – excuses. They’re all issues that can be overcome, worked around, or adapted to, provided you have the will to make changes. It’s also worth bearing in mind that as your health and fitness improves, you’ll be capable of so much more each day, and your productivity will increase. You’ll do better at work, be happier at home, and enjoy your life far more if you make an effort to start taking care of yourself.

Kickstarting your healthy regime

Eating healthy The excuses people make are founded in beliefs such as:

  • Eating healthy food is boring
  • Exercise is hard work
  • Relaxation techniques are unfounded
  • I depend on cigarettes too much to give up smoking

Before you can hope to succeed in changing your life, you have to examine these beliefs and find out whether there’s any truth to them. You’ll discover that healthy food can indeed be boring if you don’t use varied ingredients, imaginative recipes, and interesting flavorings; and yes, exercise can be very hard work if you try to run five miles straight from being a couch potato. The key is to understand the best way to start, and what activities, or foods, or relaxation methods most appeal to you. If you’ve struggled with smoking or other addictions, try a different approach, as you may find one method works far better for you than another.

One way of kickstarting your new healthier lifestyle is to attend a wellness retreat or go to a spa. There are many different options for healthy vacations and short breaks, designed to give you a chance to rest your mind and body, and give you a taste of how much better you’ll feel if you take your health more seriously. These trips can be inspiring as well as highly enjoyable and should be considered a valuable investment in your future.

If the cost of such an experience is putting you off, consider the possibility of taking out small personal loans to cover the expense. It’s not an extravagance; quite the contrary, it’s an essential way of prioritizing your mind and body, and as has already been noted, without a healthy mind and body your life experience and expectation of longevity are seriously affected.

In the end, you are the one with the power to make changes in your life. If you want to change, there are ways to improve your life and plenty of resources available to help you choose the right exercise programs, tasty meals, and effective ways to meditate. Your brain is a complex organ that doesn’t always seem to act in your best interests, but you can break free of the self-imposed chains that are holding you back from a healthier, happier life if you truly wish to change.

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