Not your fault but your mom’s big buttocks

big butts
Believe it or not, whom you take as bigger buttocks of your mom are in fact, big bales of breast cancer threat for you! Yea, a new study of 6,370 women has pumped out this somewhat creaky notion.

Well, what lies at the bottom of such notion is not very clear even to its exponents even! However, experts have a reason to hold up such notion. According to them hip size of a woman depends on the level of sex hormone concentration she carries and this very level affects breast development of her daughter in early gestation.

Moreover, results clearly show that rates of breast cancer were three times higher among women whose mothers had wide hips. Shockingly, this risk of breast cancer was 2.5 times higher in women with mother having buttocks more than 3 centimeters greater than the distance at the front.

How far this assumption could be relied upon, too difficult to say. Still, taking it for true, it won’t be wrong to say that if daughters having large-hipped mothers take precautionary measures from the very beginning then they can keep the threat of breast cancer at bay, largely.



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