New contraceptive patch may do away with side effects of the Pill

Scientists are developing a new contraceptive pill with no side effects. According to report, the drug, which could be worn as a patch, will offer an alternative to the present pill, which can cause serious side effects like breast cancer, blood cots and mood swings.

Developed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, the new pill would block a gene that gives rise to a protein commonly known as ZP3.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that ZP3 allows the sperm to bind to the outer layer of a woman’s egg.

Point to be noted here is that blocking the protein would make it real tough for the sperm to enter the egg and fertilize it. This is based on a process known as RNA interference in medical fraternity, where specific genes are turned off.

In my opinion, this new pill will give women a wider array of contraceptive choice. This is good news because at present there is no contraceptive drug in the market that is non- hormonal and reversible.


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