All you need to know about  the good and bad skincare habits

Everyday your body and skin encounters chemicals, pollutants and dirt. It is always exposed to the elements of nature. That is why it requires extra care and love to look gorgeous. Your skin is an essential part of your outer appearance, and as you already know, your appearance is like a visiting card, which tells a lot about you.

There are some bad habits that women unwittingly make a part of their daily skincare regime. Such bad habits can damage your hair and skin. There are also good habits, which will instantly change your skin and appearance. In this article, we have discussed some good and bad beauty habits.

All women have to shave occasionally, even if they prefer hair removing creams or waxing. A lot of them make the mistake of dry shaving their underarms and legs. Well, dry shaving may save a little bit of your time but it does nothing to save your skin from becoming darker. Dry shaving may also cause irritation and increase the number of ingrown hair. Always use a good quality shaving gel or cream on your legs, torso, armpits and other body parts before shaving it. Use long strokes of the razor and not short ones. Long strokes cause less friction and damage to the skin.

Another big bad habit of women is ignoring the need of a sunscreen. The UV rays are your potent enemies, which can damage your skin very fast. Do not let your skin become dark and dull due to exposure to the sun. Use a suitable sunscreen with high SPF regularly. Not exfoliating your skin regularly is another big mistake that you must avoid. By exfoliating you can get rid of the layer of dead skin cells and make your skin softer.

Eating a healthy meal and drinking lots of water are good skincare habit. Avoid too much spicy food. Do not use excessive cosmetics on your face and body because the harsh chemical can damage your skin. Moisturize your entire body regularly. Sleep at least for 6 hours everyday and put a limit to your drinking habit. Exercise everyday at least for 15 minutes to improve blood circulation and toning the muscles.


To take care of your skin you should follow the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. If you are healthy from inside it will certainly reflect on your skin.

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