Natural ways for accelerating the weight loss process

You may be a devoted dieter or regular at your workouts, but still, you might be facing periods when the weight loss process is not fast enough. In fact, many who set out to lose weight in determined spirit can testify that the process requires a lot of patience, hard work and a bit of smart work.

The speed of losing weight

It is generally agreed that losing a lot of weight in a short span through excessive workouts or diets is not a smart plan. You might achieve the desired weight; however, maintaining it might become a tough challenge. Hence, it would be better to lose weight steadily, through workout plans, healthy diets, and setting realistic goals.

Understanding weight loss

Weight loss in short term occurs more due to lose of water than burning fats. One can achieve weight loss in this fashion by fasting or opting for very low-calorie diets. However, in this case the weight lost will be gained just as quickly once you resume your normal diet making them ineffective and unhealthy. In order to ensure that the weight-loss lasts for the long term, you must make lifestyle adjustments such as opting for low-calorie diet, exercising every day and maintaining an active lifestyle. This will help your body burn fat and improve your metabolism which help you consistently lose weight and maintain the correct weight.

Understanding Metabolism

Metabolism is a process within the body that converts food into energy. It is partly determined by genetics and body chemistry, but it can be controlled and made more efficient through regular diet and exercise.

Workout Mix for Faster Weight Loss

Just exercising may not be enough for losing weight, it is important to exercise correctly in order to lose weight proportionately and to lose it fast. Aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling, running and walking are primarily opted to raise heart rate and burn calories. Interval training, including a mix of high-intensity and moderate workouts are highly effective in boosting metabolic rate. Such exercises require lots of oxygen and prompt metabolism to work at peak even after the workout is over. Strength training helps in boosting metabolism by contracting muscles, which leads to increase in metabolic rate and muscle mass.

It is important to alternate different types of workouts and the different areas of the body you are working out to make it effective. Adopt new exercise routines or increase the intensity of the old ones to sustain fat burning rate.


Diet plays an important part in increasing metabolism and accelerating the weight loss process. Fiber rich diet including fruits, vegetables, wholegrain and pulses are exceptionally good for weight loss.

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