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Natural diet to check unwanted hair growth in women

multivitamin B6

The condition of having unwanted hair on body is called “Hirsutism.” This particular condition in females makes their life miserable. Although excessive hair has nothing to do with the normal functioning of the body, but having unwanted hair on face and body is extremely embarrassing for women. They feel ashamed and sometimes others humiliate them by calling them Heman and all. Actually, this condition takes place because of the hormonal imbalance in the body. Women have male hormones (Androgens) in them, but in lesser amounts. Hormonal imbalance produces higher levels of male hormones like Testosterone and other Androgen hormones.

Women are always in search of some natural methods through which they can get rid of those unwanted hair which bring a lot of embarrassment in their lot. To help you achieve this purpose, following are the natural and harmless ways that you women can use to get rid or to slow down the unwanted hair growth.

Weight check:

The first step you should take is to get your weight checked, as overweight is one major reason responsible for the unwanted hair growth in women. Obese women have a higher risk of hormonal imbalance, which leads to multifarious problems. Shedding some pounds can help you a great deal to stunt the growth of unwanted hair on your body.


Refrain from refined carbohydrates and foods that are high in glycemic level. Such foods lead to insulin resistance in females that ultimately leads to excessive hair growth in women. Go for whole grains and low glycemic foods like dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B6:

Sufficient level of Vitamin B6 in body helps to keep the production of unwanted hair at bay. The poultry sources of Vitamin B6 are meats and fish, including chicken, turkey, beef, and salmon, whereas the non-poultry sources of B6 include cabbage, red bell peppers, broccoli, tomato, watermelon, carrots and bananas. Other vitamins like vitamin E, which is a very good anti-oxidant works as a rival of the unwanted hair production, as it blocks the male hormone production in the body.


A number of herbs are there that help to cure hormonal imbalances. Saw Palmetto is a natural herb that is very effecting to cure hormonal imbalance and to bring body back to its normal working condition. Various herb supplements are also available in the market.


Unwanted hair is a cause of worry for many, especially women. Here are some of the very effective and free from side-effect ways to get a body free of unwanted hair.

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