Myths and Facts of Diabetes


Myths and Facts ::

  • Is diabetes a curable disease? No! It can only be controlled.
  • Excessive sugar intake causes diabetes? No! It can cause weight gain, which can increase the risk for developing diabetes.
  • Do diabetics feel the increase and decrease in blood glucose levels? Not exactly! Diabetic people do feel some physical symptoms (like thirst, weakness or fatigue), but one must undergo tests to know their blood glucose levels.
  • Few people with high blood sugar levels do not indicate that they are diabetic. No! High blood sugar levels can never be normal, and one must consult a doctor for diagnosis. However, illness, stress and steroid medications can temporarily elevate blood sugar levels even without diabetes.
  • Do all diabetics need to take insulin? Only type I diabetic people need to take insulin injections, but some people with type II diabetes may need to take insulin with or without pills to manage high blood sugar levels. However it depend on other factors as well.
  • Do tablets or pills for diabetes contain insulin? No! Oral medications are not a form of insulin. Insulin can not be formulated as oral drug as it gets destroyed by digestive enzymes in the stomach.
  • Does excessive insulin intake mean diabetes is worsening? No! Insulin requirement depends not only on blood sugar levels but also on diet, exercise and time of day.
  • Is diabetes contagious? No! Diabetes does not spread from one person to another. It can only be inherited through genes.
  • Do diabetic kids need to avoid carbohydrate containing food? No! Diabetic kids need to take food with low-carbohydrate so that a balanced diet can be maintained along with medication and exercise to get good control upon diabetes.


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