Most American women sleep deprived: survey

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‘Women are not sleeping’ this slogan sits well for at least American women because a new survey reveals that a big percentage of American women is sleep-deprived, which of course, is a deploring issue. Before moving ahead let’s go through the sparkling facts, uncovered by this survey:-

60 per cent of the women complain to have not enough sleep.

67 per cent admitted to have several other sleeping disorders.

Daytime activities of about 43 per cent women suffer because of inadequate sleep at night.

80 percent of the women survey says worry keeps them awake.

79 percent blame stress or anxiety for inadequate sleep.

55 per cent of the women held depression responsible for poor their poor sleep.

36 percent attribute their sleep problems to feelings of hopelessness.

These above mentioned facts clearly map out the whole situation regarding sleeping-disorders being faced by American women. After going through these facts, it can clearly be said that may be outwardly this problem seems not much grim but the threats, it is enfolding inwardly, are quite serious because it is a well-known fact that in the Garth of sleeping-disorders several other health related problems sprout, imperiling health. Find out how inadequate sleep or sleeping disorders may play havoc with your health and performance as well:-

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6. Poor Sleep May Be Linked with Depression!

Sleeping Disorders Linked to Suicide Attempts!

8. Inadequate Sleep Linked to Bad Performance in Exams: Study

Moreover, sleeping problems affect several of other activities as the survey itself reveals that women with sleeping troubles uncovered ‘bouquet of problems’ like lack of sleep caused them to be late to work, experience high stress, feel depressed or anxious, forego exercise, be too tired for sex, drive while drowsy and have little time for personal or family relationships. To know what other studies say about the importance of sleep go through the following links:-

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Via: Daily News Central

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