Moderate alcohol consumption has health benefits!

A new study has tried to churn out the effects of alcohol drinking on health after looking back at the results, which came out of the 34 studies conducted earlier on the same subject.

According to the new study, moderate drinking is not harmful for health, rather it has positive effects on health. The experts define moderate drinking as – not going above three drinks for men and not going above two drinks for women. Telling about the reason why quantity of alcohol consumption is different for male and female, experts say that it is due to the way different sexes metabolize alcohol. This study further uncovers that moderate drinking with meal helps in preventing fatty buildup in arteries, which can lead to heart disease.

Another thing that peeped out of the study states that whereas moderate drinking enhance better health, conversely, more alcohol consumption can also lead to bad consequences like among men excessive alcohol consumption can results in heart strokes, cancer and even heart attacks. At the same time, excessive alcohol consumption by women may result in liver disease and if women drink alcohol during pregnancy then it is most likely that she would give birth to an abnormal baby. Moreover, alcohol consumption during pregnancy higher ups the chances of miscarriage too.

Therefore, it would be right to say that whereas moderate drinking brings several health benefits, at the same time, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to serious health related problems. In other words, we can say that whereas moderate drinking is a boon while excessive drinking is bane. So, keep drinking, but don’t cross the limits.

Image credit: Medicine World

Via: CBS News

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