Mobiles in hospital: To connect or to kill people?

mobile in hospitals
Mobiles might be connecting; whether people with people or people with psychological problems! However, now this inseparable connection slowly seems to be turning into a kind of interference, which might prove fatal even.

This came out after a new study revealed that Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) by mobile phones in the functioning of lifesaving medical equipments like, ventilators and pacemakers might prove hazardous for patients in critical conditions. Such electromagnetic interference might include switching off or restarting of machines, disruption of patient’s feeding tube, pacemaker and dialysis machine. It is important to note here that electromagnetic interference was comparatively more when mobile phones were within 3 cm of critical-care equipment. Interference of mobile phones could be understood from the very fact according to which out of 61 medical devices, 26 were found directly disrupted by EMI.

Earlier too, some studies have shown how intrusion of mobile phones is disrupting our lives- no matter directly or indirectly- somewhere in the form of brain risk, tumor risk, and in other forms of health hazard.

All this has churned up the need of rational thinking about the fact that how far their (mobile phones’) intrusion into our lives be allowed; otherwise days are not far away when so called concept of “Connecting people” would evolve as a net in which entire humanity would wriggle to save its entity from several health threats.



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