How to control the sweet tooth monster?

You cooked a healthy steamed dinner and managed to avoid anything fattening, but come bed time and you are craving for sugar. You are thinking doughnuts, sugar crackers and cookies. d
It is a proven fact that we tend to crave sweets at night more than during the day, especially if we are dieting. The Sweet Tooth Monster is a demon which destroys any dieting efforts.
There is nothing that completely eliminates cravings for sugar, but there are weapons you can use to manage the cravings. Some of the more feasible ones are:

Take a shower or a walk, more often than not it is just a question of distracting yourself from the idea of eating.

Have a diet coke or black coffee, it satisfies the sweet craving to some extend and is a healthier alternative.

Chew gum preferably a sugarless one.

Cut down on excessive salt intake in the day. Chips, crackers, cheese and canned soups can make your desire for sweets soar.

Avoid missing meals during the day. Skipping meals or eating on an unpredictable schedule catapults your body into a state of starvation, depriving your brain and body of fuel. This sets you up to crave starchy or sugary foods for energy. Eat at regular intervals throughout the day.

Avoid late night television watching as that provides the idle setting for wanting to munch on something. Try to plan your nightly television time around your dinner time.

Remember that during the night the body metabolism slows down and more of food can be stored as fat, hence it is very important to avoid late night snacks.



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