Make your first time pregnancy safe, happy, and memorable

How to make your first time pregnancy safe, happy and memorable

Pregnancy is a critical time in any woman’s life. You need to take a lot of care during pregnancy. It is quite difficult to know what to do or what not if you are pregnant for the first time. Pregnancy brings a lot of physical and behavioral changes in women – sometimes women get depressed, frustrated, irritated about small issues. So you need to know these tips to make your nine months of pregnancy safe and happy without facing any problem.

What to do?

1. Enjoy a healthy diet

Make good food choice

Some food viruses and bacteria can cause miscarriage or health problem for the baby after birth. So we have to take care of our food schedule during pregnancy. You should consult a doctor and discuss your diet.

2. Take rest
During pregnancy the metabolism rate of your body increases and you may feel tired or lazy so to overcome this problem try to take rest whenever you feel tired.

3. Drink water
Drink a lot of water during pregnancy as it helps to combat water loss and prevents constipation as well.

4. Avoid outdoor activities
During pregnancy avoid going to crowded areas like market, parties etc. as it is dangerous sometimes. Don’t travel for long distances during pregnancy.

5. Be fit

Be fit

Try and get into the habit of doing light exercise regularly. After pregnancy, if you want to regain your shape then make a schedule to do mild exercise daily. Don’t do excessive physical work as during pregnancy you and your baby share your body’s oxygen supply.

6. Enjoy safe sex during pregnancy
Be in a comfortable position that will not harm your fetus. Try to be on top during sex. Avoid intercourse if you have been so advised by your doctor.

7. Wear the right clothes
Don’t wear tight or body fitted clothes. Try to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes.

8. Walk
Try to walk for 20 to 30 minutes every day. This will help your fetus and you will not feel lazy and bored.

What not to do?
1. Don’t use chemicals

Don’t use any medicine without consulting your doctor as it may contain some chemicals which can affect your fetus.

2. Don’t bend down fast
Take care when bending down or sitting on floor.

3. Don’t lift heavy objects
During pregnancy don’t lift heavy objects. Be careful about what and how much you are lifting.

4. Don’t use harmful foods
Try to avoid uncooked food. Don’t use food that may contains additive, harmful bacteria and chemicals.

5. Don’t use toxins
Try to avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

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