Make your arteries healthy with Mediterranean food

In order to keep your body at the best of its health, you must eat a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients in proper amounts. A proper and nourished diet is very essential to keep your heart and mind healthy and strong.

An important clinical trial performed in Spain reports the various health benefits of Mediterranean diet. This trial, known as PRENDIMED, suggests that this kind of diet is well balanced, as it contains high amounts of fruits, vegetables and plant oils that help to keep the body away from ailments like heart attacks, strokes and other heart disorders. Moreover, it helps the body fight against diseases like peripheral artery disease (known as PAD, suggested by a report from The Journal of the American Medical Association).

The peripheral artery disease results when fat deposits block the arteries that are required for circulating blood through various body organs including the heart and brain, legs, arms and abdomen.

It is characterized by symptoms such as severe leg pain during physical activities like walking which is relieved when taken rest which is called as intermittent claudication, aorta malfunctioning, pain after having food, erectile dysfunction and other such health related issues.

According to the writers of the journal, intake of Mediterranean style diet is the first major step that helps in the prevention of the disease. This study is of great importance especially in countries like the United States where a large number of people, mostly the elder people suffer from PAD.

Although many earlier dine studies revealed that people who follow a Mediterranean diet are less prone to be affected by PAD, PREDIMED is still better evidence since it is a randomized clinical trial that provides better and trustworthy evidence to this finding. According to Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulus who works as an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, the result from this trial is based on observational studies that have been done on the advantages on the health of the people eating Mediterranean food.

According to Dr. Trichopoulus, the Mediterranean style diet follows a simple principal wherein it reduces the amount of less healthier food in the diet while increasing the proportion of healthy constituents in the same. The diet includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in combination with fish, poultry, dairy, eggs and olive oil with small amounts of red and processed meat.


The Mediterranean style diet is beneficial and completely natural way to keep your mind and body healthy, while enhancing the condition of your arteries.

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