Lower liver cancer risk up to 43% with coffee!

coffee2 64Good news for coffee lovers, as a new study has associated its consumption with anti-liver cancer properties, which means that drinking coffee may lower the risk of developing liver cancer up to 43%.

To confirm this fact further, researchers conducted a large review or “meta-analysis” in which they analyzed about 11 studies involving 2,260 liver cancer patients and 239,146 individuals without liver cancer who served as a comparison group. Finally, they vindicated the fact that there lies an inverse association between coffee consumption and liver cancer risk. Interestingly, this inverse association was found quite strongly in at least six studies.

Actually, coffee contains large amounts of antioxidants, like chlorogenic acids that strongly fight oxidative stress and thus inhibits the formation of carcinogens, refers to any substance, radionuclide or radiation which is an agent directly involved in the promotion of cancer or in the facilitation of its propagation.

However, it is worth knowing that this is not the first study to come up with such finding, as some previous studies have also come up similar findings. Moreover, some studies have associated several benefits with coffee consumption; therefore, calling coffee a health drink will not be wrong. Have a look at health benefits associated with coffee consumption:-

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Via: TV NZ

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