Low weight babies prone to depression: Study

A new study at Bristol university says smaller babies are at a greater risk of depression at adulthood. infant

As per the British and Canadian research, babies who have small birth weight are at increased risk of depression, mental illness, and psychological disorder in the later phase of their life, and it is not bound to any particular social class.

The researchers says, when pregnant women are stressed, they increased chance of passing a stress hormones to the fetus which affects babies mental growth. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle results in poor womb condition, and indirectly affects baby’s weight, and growth. Stress restricts blood circulation to the uterus and affects fetus growth, which results in lower birth weight.

Babies born underweight are at higher risk of depression in later stage. An interesting study conducted among thousands of people reports, people who had moderate symptoms of stress or anxiety in their life were generally low weight babies. Though it is not true with all the small babies, generally with low weight babies who develop in abnormal womb condition are likely to develop depression and psychological distress.

Study says, babies weight and depression risk are inversely related to each other. Plump babies are at no risk of depression at adulthood. Smaller babies face psychological distress, child behavioral problems, and some also has lower IQ. Researchers from ‘London school of hygiene’ say their intention is not to increase panic among would be moms.
The take-home message is, take enough care of the expecting moms as more stress free they stay, healthier the baby would be.

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