Low carbohydrate diet may raise cancer risk

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Researchers said that low carbohydrates in a diet may raise the chances of bowel cancer.

The scientists of the Aberdeen’s Rowett Research Institute say — that there exists an association between consuming low carbohydrate and lowering of cancer fighting bacteria.

In this study 19 obese males were given 3 diets and each one of them has different levels of carbohydrates.

The scientists mentioned that they had found an association between consumption of carbohydrate and the formation of a fatty acid in the human gut that prevents from colorectal cancer.

This acid is known as butyrate; the bacterium produces the acid and thus helps in killing the cancerous cells.
The scientists said they discovered that less carbohydrate diets could cause reduction of cancer-fighting bacteria by 4 times.

The diets started by lowering intake of carbohydrate, including eatables like potatoes, bread etc.

The scientists said that the risk of cancer arises if dieters keep on taking low percent of carbohydrates.

The scientists said this study had shown that a low carbohydrate group eating only 24g per day in comparison to the high carbohydrate group at 400g had seen a 4 fold reduction of the bacterial level that fights cancer.

Prof Harry Flint is the lead the researcher of the study. He mentioned that with the passage of time, it could be possible that such type of diets might help in causing colorectal cancer. It is a disease that can be prevented, and there are proofs that poor carb-diets can raise the risk. The results would be similar in case of females.

Professor Annie Anderson, Dundee-based nutritional adviser to Bowel Cancer UK, said in a statement:

Compared to other low fat diets, there is little merit in low carbohydrate diets, apart for the fact that that they can help people to lose weight.

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