Lemon Detox – A diet that really works


So, you may ask, “Is the diet that Beyonce really did?” Well, apparently so. Ever since, news that Beyonce lost 9 kg in 10 days with this diet, the lemon detox diet has become very popular. Of course, there are several detox diets in the market today with all claiming to be able to effectively flush out toxins while also promoting weight loss. This diet is also known as several other names such as the Maple Syrup Diet, Master Cleanser Diet and the Lemonade Diet. This diet was created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s with the intention of removing accumulated toxins and congestion from the body.

Within the lemon detox diet, there are several versions that are available. Nonetheless, the ingredients involved in all these variations are easily obtainable and easy to mix. The time it takes to lose the desired amount of weight inevitably varies from person to person.

Below is how the lemon detox works:

The idea of this detox is to give your digestive tract a ten-day break. As such, loading the system with things that destroy the objectives of the diet must be avoided. The detoxification process takes a minimum of 10 days. Of course, this duration can be reduced depending on your personal weight goals. Be sure to procure sufficient number of lemons, as you will need almost a gallon of lemon juice a day. At the same time, buy enough maple syrup and cayenne pepper, as you will need to prepare at least 10 gallons worth of these ingredients.

It is important to squeeze out fresh juice from the lemons as studies show that the enzymes present in the freshly squeezed juice are highly critical for attaining success with this lemon diet. Water needs to be added to mix the ingredients together as well as for consuming throughout the day.

How to do it, actually?

Mix one teaspoon of salt with one litre of water and drink every morning so that the detox already in the body is expelled. Now mix 2 tablespoon of lemon with 2 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper with 10 ounce of water. Ensure that you drink about 8 glasses of this mix every day. Do the same for at least 10 days. Also drink plain water in between the lemon juice. In the evening, drink a herbal tea laxative or drink the saline water. This helps flush out toxins from the colon.

More tips

Eliminate all dairy products, junk food and meat from the diet and do this gradually at least a few days before the actually detoxification process begins. Instead, include fruits, soups, vegetables and smoothies. Begin by flushing your system with saltwater as this helps prepare the system for the lemon detox.

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