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Latest Breakthroughs In DNA Transcription

DNA Transcription

DNA replication and transcription is one of the most important processes in the human body. The DNA happens to be the source of all genetic information that is converted and passed on to the offspring and, thereby, to the next generation. Read on to know more about the latest breakthroughs in DNA transcription and how well they are going to influence our lives in the future.

How does DNA Transcription work?

DNA Transcription

DNA transcription is not only the first but also the most crucial step of gene expression. It involves the action of enzyme RNA polymerase by which a particular DNA segment is copied onto mRNA.

To answer how does DNA transcription works in layman terms, DNA transcription is nothing but copying of information from a DNA strand to synthesize a new one from it by virtue of RNA.

If anything goes wrong with the transcription, any incorrect information is passed on, or a glitch occurs, then the DNA repair mechanism comes into the picture to sort out the issue.

Recent Study On DNA Transcription:

DNA Transcription

So now that we have understood how does DNA transcription work, let’s understand more about the process.

DNA transcription, as mentioned before, is one of the most important processes in the living body which leads to formation and designing of organs and gene expression.

On digging deeper into this research, it was found that a gene regulatory algorithm can be established to understand this crucial biological process better.

The development of various vital organs and the progression of diseases can all be studied better only if one delves further into the study of DNA transcription.

A recent study published in the academic journal ‘Nature Communications’ has brought forth that the latest breakthroughs in DNA transcription are capable of analyzing diseases like breast cancer and other complicated issues, thereby paving way for targeted therapy drugs.

Latest Breakthroughs In DNA Transcription:


A group of researchers in the School of Chinese Medicine have brought forth the world’s first model of ‘LogicTRN’ algorithm.

This is designed to facilitate the study and better understanding of various DNA-related biological process inside the human body, especially DNA transcription.

This research is extremely beneficial for pointing out complicated disorders so as to design targeted therapy drugs for the same.

If a research team is intending to produce drugs that will benefit such complicated disorder like breast cancer, it is first important that they understand DNA transcription better than any other process, since transcription forms the basis of all other processes.

Effect Of DNA Transcription On DNA Repair:

DNA Transcription

Even though transcription of DNA has improved many lives on the medical front, there are certain drawbacks to it. It has been reported in quite a number of studies that DNA repair is being adversely affected by new transcription of DNA methodologies.

In other words: We are taking a step in the right direction so as to find out more about transcription of DNA to develop better drugs and understand these processes well, but are also, unknowingly, leaving behind a disturbed DNA repair mechanism in the wake of it.

Also, many scientists are of the opinion that if DNA transcription goes wrong, then your body cells are capable of synthesizing a new one by virtue of DNA repair mechanisms. But if your  DNA repair mechanism itself goes haywire, then it may hamper with all of the DNA synthesis after a considerable amount of time.

Which is why just understanding how does DNA transcription work is not enough. When asked, a good number of scientists answered that DNA repair is more important than transcription of DNA, anytime, any day.

As of now, research is being carried out in order to ensure that DNA repair mechanism, or any such biological function, doesn’t get affected by the latest breakthroughs in DNA transcription in an undesired way.


Although these advancements in science like the latest breakthroughs in DNA transcription are bringing about a change, there is much more to it than what appears on the surface.

So far, most effects brought forth by latest breakthroughs in DNA transcription are only beneficial. Except for the glitch regarding the DNA repair mechanism, no other drawback was brought to light.

Having said that, this idea, however, has just been proposed and is still under study. It has a long way to go before it makes its way into medical science and medical treatments.

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