Laser therapy to treat laryngeal cancer!

Researchers have come up with a new finding according to which the use of laser surgery along with cryoablation may prove a better alternative to radiation treatment for treating laryngeal cancer of early-stage.
Cryoablation is an application of extreme cold to destroy diseased tissue. Moreover, by using this technique, tumor growth can easily be curbed.

No doubt, radiation therapy is very popular these days but sometimes it leads to various complications those rates up to 45 percent. But researchers believe that with this new therapy they can fight deadly cancer more successfully along with avoiding many of the complications that usually loom out from radiation therapy.

It seems that this therapy is quite effective in treating cancer and another good thing about this therapy is that it carries minimal side effects, which I think is the most effulgent feature of this therapy.

Image credit: lipt

Via: iol

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