Ketogenic Diet as the way of treating epilepsy

Ketogenic is one of the oldest ways to treat Epilepsy. Epilepsy is not a new phenomenon, as it has been troubling people for long time. A person with Epilepsy faces many problems, but out of all those problems, knowing the basic cause of this disease is one of the greatest troubles. Although some people develop Epilepsy because of brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, and drug or alcohol misuse, the root cause for this disease remains elusive.

In Epilepsy, seizures trouble person a lot. Epileptic seizures are episodes that cause long and vigorous shaking in the body. While seizures are controllable with medication, in some cases it does not respond to medication. When a person is not responding to medication, changes in his diet can quite help him in getting relief. Making person follow Ketogenic diet can help him in controlling seizures. Following is the procedure to follow a Ketogenic diet.

Start by following this process

Usually this process starts by consulting the dietitian. Start by fasting under close medical supervision for a day. Fasting allows speeding up metabolism and thus reducing the effects of Epilepsy. Do not fast without asking your doctor, as it may lead to adverse health condition. Although fasting may not work for longer term, it cures seizures at that particular moment.

Switch to carbohydrates and lower fats

Ketogenic diet being a special diet for people suffering from Epilepsy, it must have high fats and low carbohydrate, which helps in controlling seizures. A person suffering from this disease must intake 4 grams of fats for every 1 gram of protein and carbohydrate. Usually our body uses carbohydrates for its fuel. Ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates, so fats become primary fuel. When you are following a Ketogenic diet, focus shifts from carbohydrates to fats.

Way Ketogenic diet works on Epilepsy

Ketogenic being one of the oldest forms to cure Epilepsy; it requires maintaining starvation or fasting metabolism for longer period. While the body is in starving, it creates ketones, which help burn metabolism. When fasting, it lessens seizures reducing the effect of Epilepsy. For getting faster results, following proper diet is necessary. With proper and regular check by the dietitian and your doctor, you can cure Epilepsy at faster pace.

Monitor the diet

While monitoring the diet, you must check if the food you are eating produces ketones or not. You can keep a regular check on ketone levels doing blood test. Visiting your doctor regularly and doing a regular check up, you can get rid of seizures. Monitor the diet regularly and keep eat healthy food to maintain a good health.

People who want quick results when treating Epilepsy, following Ketogenic diet can be a great help. Consult your doctor and ask him for help whenever possible. Fasting can help but before doing anything, you must ask your doctor and dietitian.

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