Just 30 minutes for perfect health

fitness pic 3821In today’s busy world where everybody is running for something or other and a result one seldom has time for physical exercise. It is our health, which bears the brunt of this mad rat race. In such dismal scenario one needs to follow just 30 minutes regime to remain healthy. Just 30 minutes packed with multiple exercises, sans hiatus, are sufficient to make one fit physically.

Studies have proved that by pushing oneself for more exercise helps immensely in burning down those extra calories. Similarly, if one puts 2 hours of workout with breaks then it has same effects to the one who puts only 30 action packed minutes without any breaks. Also running for an hour has same results as sprinting for 30 minutes. They both burn the same amount of calories. So the choice is entirely yours.

Just remember that the purpose of exercise is to gain strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular system and so on all come from different muscle groups. These exercises need no equipment and can be performed at any time or at any place. And remember to concentrate on various parts of the body so don’t forget to perform different exercise to make sure that each part of body is in shape.

Staying in shape has become an important part of everyone’s life. It not only makes you feel good but keeps many ailments at bay.


Source: Abcnews

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