Indonesia fighting hard to stop bird flu from spreading

Indonesia is fighting hard with the spread flu in the country. The bird flu has killed a person in every six days this year in Indonesia this year. H5N1 flu has spread in many poultries in countries thirty-three province. World Health Organization is actively helping the country with all resources.

The insufficient awareness of H5N1 virus, lack of funds to run avian flu programs and disease observation are the major factors in spreading the disease badly in the region.

Now the 2006 national budget has provided $59 million for avian flu this year. One-third accounted for animal health and two-thirds for human health.

Indonesian officials are meeting with the United Nations health officials and agriculture agencies, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, European Center for Disease Control, Epicentre France and Japan’s National Institute for Infectious Diseases to discuss about the strategy for taking care of avian flu situation.


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