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Ideas for removing that stubborn glitter nail paint

removing that stubborn glitter nail paint

Festive season and glitter nail paints walk hand in hand. With the festivities going around, you pretty women start stocking up glitter nail paints of all colors and textures. You derive extreme pleasure applying them on your nails to beautify them, and to no surprise, your nails do look classy, happening, and gorgeous.

Then comes the removal phase, and there is no denying that removal of glitter nail paints is a tough task. It is actually a frustrating long procedure if you do not know the correct technique to take it off. As we are here to help you, so we have brought some effective and easy glitter nail paint removal hacks for you, which you can use to take off the somewhat stubborn nail paint in a seamless way.

Glue does it all


Glue is one of the keys to a seamless removal of glitter nail paints. It is not gorilla, hot, or any other glue we are mentioning here, but white non-toxic glue. One trick works like the first step towards removal of rigid glitter nail paint. Arrange for some empty nail polish bottles, which you easily get on ordering online and fill the bottle with white glue that you have purchased.

Paint your nails with glue

It sounds weird though, but it is a wondrous tactic to deal with the removal of that lovely looking but rigid to take off glitter nail paint. You have already stored glue in empty nail paint bottles, so it would be much easier for you to apply it onto your nails. Apply it just like you apply any other nail paint on your nails and then let it dry.

Now apply glitter nail paint

Once the glue on your nails dries, start applying your favorite glitter nails paint over it. You may apply a double coat too if you want, leave it to dry, and enjoy adoring your gorgeous and celebrity like glittery nails.


Once you get bored of the same glittery shade on your nails and you want to take it off, you will be amazed to see how easy and convenient it is. All you have to do is to reach for a cuticle pusher, which you will use to lift or pull up nail paint from the edge. If this does not do the trick, you can pull up the nail paint coat with your nails from the edge and start peeling it off in the opposite direction. Doing this should take off your nail paint in one single piece at one time.

This hack is one of the easiest and the most effective of all, which is why many women use it to take off their glitter nail paint without any trouble. There are also some other ways that help removing glitter nail paint without much trouble and one of it is with the acetone nail polish remover. You have to dip a cotton ball in it to completely saturate it and then place it on your nail with the glitter nail paint on it. To keep the cotton ball in place for few minutes you can wrap aluminum foil or use a bandage.

If you press down the foil or the bandage, it would be much better as doing so helps nail paint remover show its magic better. After some time, remove the cotton and gently rub your nails with it, to your surprise your glittery nail paint would easily come off.

Glitter nail paints are certainly tough ones to remove but only when you do not know the correct way of taking it off.

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