Human wealth and economy of a nation directly relates to public health

In the developed countries, the mortality rates are low and average life expectancy at birth is quite high. This shows that the populace of these countries is healthy and the medical care system is good. Human health directly relates to the human resources of a country. A country’s economical development depends on its human resources. If a major part of the population are unable to access basic healthcare and suffers from physical problems then economical development will also slow down.


Developing third world countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam must give more importance to health of the populace for overall growth of their economy.

Economic development of a nation and the health of its people are linked together. Economical progress leads to better health of the populace because the government becomes able to invest more on subsidized healthcare. When healthcare becomes inexpensive, more people are able to afford basic medical facilities and prevent illness at the preliminary stages. The main problem is that health is not seen as a wealth in most countries. It is not given as much importance as social status, luxury and power.

Neglecting the health of the populace can lead to higher morbidity and mortality rates. Diabolical condition of national health can decrease the productivity of the mass. Decreased productivity can cause economical weakening. A developing country with the intent of becoming stronger financially will have to invest in the health of its populace. Some basic social measures like building health centers in every village and making public toilets can help in curbing the spread of diseases.


Economical development enhances the quality of life of the people. Improved lifestyle increases the buying power of the populace as well. More buying power generates revenues for the national companies and businesses as people start buying more luxury items and spend more on healthcare.

Lack of money is often the reason why people do not get timely treatments. The government should take measures for making healthcare more easily available and distribute it evenly among all the social classes. The healthcare system is referred to as the spine of a country because its economical growth and prosperity depends on it. Human health index helps non-profit organizations measure the quality of life of people and the economic conditions of a nation.


Health is one of the most vital assets of a country. It is the duty of the government to provide basic healthcare facilities at subsidized rates for the common people.

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