Major health problems all over the world

<![CDATA[The challenges to public health have become global. Despite of the various improvements in health care like anti viral drugs being made available almost everywhere and the efforts of health workers, there are many who still lack access to health care while million others die due to diseases like cancer and AIDS.


The health workers along with the IntraHealth International are looking forward to deal with some of the major health concerning issues. The Frontline health worker is an association that includes midwives and community health workers along with pharmacists, nurses and doctors. These people are the ones who provide healthcare to large number of people in the far off regions.

The US Agency for International Development’s Global Health Evidence Summit is encouraging people from all over the world to support the health care programs, as there is a great shortage for skilled and motivated health care personnel. Training programs are also being conducted by countries like India, Syria, Ethiopia and others to provide better health to everyone.


Various governments as well as non-governmental organizations are working to spread awareness about family planning and voluntary contraception to fight back the growing population. The use of careful contraception by every man and woman can greatly reduce the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies, abortions and pregnancy related deaths.

AIDS has become the most dangerous threat to human health and there is a lack of health workers globally to work for this cause. Health workers are expected to spread HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care. With malaria becoming a common cause for the large number of deaths per year the health workers need to concentrate on spreading awareness about its prevention, diagnosis and treatment measures.

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Another deadly disease is the polio, which is still prevalent in some parts of the world. There is a high urge of more health workers to administer the polio vaccines in such areas through organizing public health campaigns. The World Health Organization is working to reduce the rate of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and many more such ailments.

Many a times the health workers are being assaulted seriously which makes it difficult for them to provide better care and devastates the health care system.

The use of mobile health technology is greatly increasing in the developing countries to make important information available to people by visiting their homes. The mSakhi and ASHA in India are good examples of this.


With efforts taken up by the health workers, the diseases all over the world are likely to be reduced to a great extent.]]>

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