How to stop binging

As ’stress’ has added to the top numbers of our body’s unwanted list, we take no time to turn on to binging and create much problem for ourselves. We tuck in food and drinks during the day and realize only after it gets too late. Binge eating disorder makes one feel out of control and powerless to stop. Binge eating could lead to various physical, emotional, and social problems. But, the grass is still greener on our side! Lets get over with it by following a few simple steps.

Difficulty Level: Moderately easy

Resources required:

You do not need a seer’s mantra or expensive instruments to get rid of this psychological condition. It’s all you already have:

• Time for excercising
• Healthy food
• Water
• Green Tea
• Alarm clock
• Music player and your favourite numbers
• Firmness


Now as you have found the resources within almost no time, use them. Here are few practical tips that can help you overcome that ‘out of control’ eating habit of yours:

1. Move your muscles before a binge engulfs you. Stand up and bend down or do whatever you want to, but exercise. Burn those extra calories and get rid of the stress too.

2. Do not shy away from eating at all. Eat less, eat often. If you won’t, your stomach will gorge itself with food.

3. Be punctual at waking up in the morning and use your alarm clock. When you get up late even for a day, you spoil all your efforts done till then. Late eating means more eating and you know that’s bad.

4. Water is your best friend, be with it all the time. Drink it as much as you can, at least a glass-full before a meal and get prettier too.

5. Act a saint and confine from the “food maya“. Curb your senses and see the magic. Think about something else, more worthy than the food. Think what he or she will feel about you if you’ll get slimmer and smarter!

6. Got a day off? Plan it. Go out for a stroll maybe or get over with long-pending jobs. Clean your room or at least the almirah.

7. Health is wealth and so is healthy food. Because it’s full of nutrients, fill your house with it and show the door to those potato chips, brownies and that last piece of cheese. Add proteins to your diet as it keeps you full leading to avoiding of in-between-meal eating.

8. Know when your tummy needs food instead of listening to your mind.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Am I suffering from Binge eating?
A. If you are eating more quickly and till you are uncomfortably full; yes, you are a binge eater.

Q. How to pass time apart from eating?
A. There are many things in life apart from meals. Complete that unfinished painting lying at the back of your cupboard or turn the pages of your favourite novel. Go, help your kid in his school work.

Q. Should I try dieting?
A. No, it will worsen binging. You’ll do it for a short while to only gain more later. Eat less, eat often is the mantra.

Q. Does eating helps when I feel low?
A. No, it only adds to your weight. Listen to some good music, it will rejuvenate your senses.

Quick Tips:

• Drink green tea.
• Avoid junk food and liquor.
• Eat protein-rich diet.
• Control your emotions.
• Distract yourself.
• Sleep enough.

Things to watch out for:

For overcoming binge eating, take care of a few things. Do not always accept snacks offered by your colleagues and friends, learn to say no politely. Avoid sitting jobs like watching TV. Sleep on time. Write on a paper what you want to do and paste that on a wall near you. Be positive. You know nothing is impossible. Encourage others to do it too, meet your supporters. Do not fear.

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