How to get rid of bad breath

Personal hygiene is such an essential element in one’s life! If you are not clean, people will not really enjoy your company. Something as simple as our breath will just turn the other person off. Having a bad breath is like a disaster recipe. So if you are on a date or at a meeting, both which involve interacting with people on a personal level, you need to ensure your breath smells good. If not, then be sure that the opposite person is going to start avoiding you. Maintaining oral hygiene is so important and if mints and gums don’t do it for you, then it is time you look into it deeper! Taking care of your mouth will squash your halitosis(bad breath) and keep it from coming back. So get rid of that foul mouth and regain your confidence!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Required: Daily 10 minutes

Resources needed
1.Soft-bristle brush

2.Mint flavored toothpaste

3.Sugar free gum

4.Tongue scraper

5.Dental Floss


Step 1:
To have a clean mouth is very important as it is part of your personal hygiene. To achieve this, one must brush at least twice daily and also floss. Flossing is important as food is bound to get stuck in the gaps of your teeth and the gum line.
Step 2: Getting rid of these articles is particularly important because they remain there for long, causing decay or cavities. This decay is a haven for bacteria to thrive in, which releases some foul odored gases thus giving out the bad breath.
Step 3: Apart from teeth and gums, the tongue is another major source of odor release. The back of the tongue is where the bacteria settles and since that area is not disturbed much, it continues to stay this way. But what one can do is, gently use the tongue scraper and scrape out all the settled layer on the tongue. However, be gentle on the tongue and do not scrape hard as this will cause discomfort and get you to gag.
Step 4: Apart from the organs, dry mouth can also be a source for bad breath. When you are parched and less hydrated, you can tend to have bad breath. In order to avoid this, you just need to down a few glasses of water a day so that the production of saliva is uninterrupted and your mouth is moderately moist at all times.
Step 5: Another action one can follow is rinsing the mouth. Rinsing your mouth after every meal can be a great way to avoid bad breath. This also helps in removing tiny specs of food particles from your mouth, in turn avoiding bacteria.
Step 6: Chewing can help you cure bad breath. Whether you choose sugarless gum, fennel seeds, or fresh parsley, the action of chewing gets saliva going and provide a pleasant scent that can help to cover up bad smells.
Step 7: Certain types of food are high on causing bad breath. Avoid those! Go for something like celery leaves, carrot and other food stuffs that will act as good mouth cleaners and that will avoid halitosis.
Step 8: Gargle at night with either an effective, non alcohol based mouthwash, or a 1.5% dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide. Gargling must be done a bit later after brushing, to produce best results. Gargling helps to reduce bacteria growth in your mouth while you are sleeping.

Quick Tips

• Use sugar free gum and mints.

Things to watch out for

• Smoking in itself is a bad habit and to add to that, it causes bad breath as well.
• Stop Spitting! Especially boys who play games like baseball, get into the practice of spitting. What they don’t realize is that, spit is needed to avoid dry mouths and sore throats, some of the reasons why we are left with bad breath.

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