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Home remedies to hydrate your skin naturally

The most common skin problem is over-drying and dehydration of the skin. This can be very irritating and hard to get rid of. Dry skin can cause all sorts of discomfort, such as peeling, flaking, cracking itching and redness. The good thing is that you can avoid all these things by using simple home remedies.


Hydrated skin is very essential in order to look young and reduce the signs of ageing. Many people face pre-ageing and sometimes they are unaware of the fact that it is because of dehydrated skin.

If you keep your skin hydrate in the younger age this will help you to fight with your signs of ageing in the later age.


Causes of dehydrated skin

  • The main cause for this is overexposure to sun, wind and cold. Therefore, you have to protect your skin from these things.
  • Water is very important for our body, especially for skin. Inadequate water drinking can cause your skin to dry. If you drink plenty of water this will make your skin glow and hydrated.
  • Smoking cigarettes or cigars, drinking copious amounts of alcohol can also lead to make your skin dull, dry, older and unhealthy.


Home remedies for naturally hydrated skin

  • Mash half banana; add 2 teaspoon of oil, 1 egg yolk and one tablespoon of honey. Steam your face, this will open the pores, then apply the mask and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and then use a good quality moisturizer to enhance the mask effects.
  • It is essential to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Use of oils like olive oil will moisturize your skin and leave a greasy film on your skin.
  • Application of salted vegetable oil is the popular and effective home remedy to keep your skin hydrated and soft. You can apply vegetable oil with salt on your body, keep it for some time and then take a shower.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water in order to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Due to the scarcity of water, your body will lose all its moisture and will look dry and unhealthy. It is good to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated.


Dehydrated skin is the main cause of itching, dull and dry skin. Therefore, it is important to keep your skin healthy in order to reduce the ageing signs.

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