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Your concern for nutrition is ultimately care for your body

Good nutrition is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Good diet combined with good exercise can protect you from chronic diseases and also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Your choices of food in your daily life have a profound effect on your well-being – the way you feel today, tomorrow and in the future.


Following are some tips that would help you to learn about proper nutrition and take away the mystery of their body.

  • You should include plenty of vegetables in your diet especially in your child’s food. Try to experiment with their favorite dishes like pizza and add vegetables as per your choice and taste to give your child proper nutrients.
  • In contrast to the popular belief that one should not at all eat heavy meals, you can include these dishes in your food once in a week to ensure that you take small amount of high calories.
  • Avoid using hydrogenated oils, as they tend to block the arteries. Instead, use extra virgin olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil has mono unsaturated fats that increase the level of good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol. It protects the heart from diseases and prevents chronic ailments like colon cancer.


  • You should always follow a pre decided routine for eating your meals; this is more needed in case of children. You should include vegetables and fresh fruits after every single meal.
  • Multivitamins is a good supplement to your food that would help you get the necessary vitamins everyday that you won’t otherwise. However, one should not rely completely on these multivitamins for their nutritional requirements and care should be taken to have a multivitamin that would suit your requirements since there many of them available at the stores.
  • Try to eliminate sweets from diet that contain high fructose corn syrup as it damages the skin and add on unnecessary fats and calories to the food.
  • Instead of going for junk food from outside one can make healthy and tasty dishes at home like vegetable wraps and sandwiches made from homemade tortillas.


By following these healthy eating steps, you will surely make your body stay healthy, active and strong. Remember a healthy mind lies in a healthy body so you can go a long way by making these easy changes in your diet.

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